Mattress by shogazi ® munich

  • Which mattress is the right one for me?
  • Your back aches or you suffer from a chronical disorder related to your back ?
  • You wake up feeling tense or even knocked out? 
  • You suffer from insomnia or allergies or sweat a lot at night? 
  • This could mean you need a new mattress or a new bed. 

We may not be able to cure you completely, but most probably we can provide relief:

  • all our mattresses have practical turning handles.
  • due to the 3- respectively 4-side zipper the  covering can be easily removed. 
  • to ensure an easy handling, the latex cores are covered with a cotton tricot  
  • mattresses up to a width of 180 cm are in one piece, which means without a glue line. 
  • no admixture of synthetic latex, no fillers, no CFC 
  • four different degrees of hardness – one price 
  • all our mattress materials  are based on re-growing raw materials
  • special services:
  • we produce in all standard as well as special sizes, even oversize
  • all mattresses, except shogazi DELUXE, may also be obtained with a cotton quilting, washable with 60° and suitable for persons suffering from allergies.  
  • two different degrees of hardness may be obtained in one mattress 
  • delivery of standard size mattresses usually within 72 hours after receipt of order
  • usually you can pick up your standard mattress on the same day (in our factory outlet)

Free delivery for orders via internet (this is valid only within the EU)  

5-Zonen Stiftlatexkern Hevea Brasiliensis
5-zones latex mattresses (Hevea Brasiliensis)

shogazi manufactory – what does that mean?

We see ourselves as a manufactory, which means: we work as humans for humans in order for you to sleep well. The clear and goal-oriented concept, the right choice of materials and their processing are components of the mixture which, as a result, leads to this solid product. A great deal of manual work, but also the use of modern machines wherever it makes sense enable us to be flexible and individual. Special wishes are fun, challenge us and strengthen our sense of quality.

Every single covering of our natural mattresses is the result of individual work and based on the exact knowledge of the different materials’ qualities. Quality checks at the end of the production process ensure that the mattress will meet your expectations. Accurate manufacturing, strictly pollutant controlled, high product quality and durability are our characteristics. 

All raw materials used for the production of a shogazi natural mattress - except for the Natural Caoutchouk (Hevea Brasiliensis) – come from German suppliers and are produced in Munich – handmade in Germany.